who built this?

Anne LoVerso


For fun, and because I wanted to build some super-simple web application so that I would have an excuse to put together a barebones version of code that can drive a super-simple React/Node app powered by API and database integrations.

how do I add my +3 to hit?

That's the neat thing - you don't! Good, clean tools are opinionated to prevent bloat. This tool is of the opinion that adding modifiers to dice rolls heavily clutters to the interface without any discernible value - especially given how the modifier changes for nearly every roll. You'll just have to add those +3s in your head, my friend.

why is it so slow to generate a random dice roll?

A roll takes about 750ms to load because instead of generating JavaScript pseudo-random numbers, we're actually using the random.org API to generate rolls.

can I contribute?

Sure thing, here's the GitHub.